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23-Jun-2018 14:07

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However, Normachos threw a spanner in the works by sharing a calculator that claimed the answer was 18.

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Twitter user Sandalshagger, who claims to live between Australia and Tel Aviv, left followers baffled and then enraged by tweeting: ' A kid born in 2005 is now 20 years old.

Youth from low-income backgrounds, those from marginalized racial and ethnic groups, and LGBTQ students are at the greatest risk of experiencing such harm. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that adolescents who experienced teen dating violence were more likely than those who didn’t to report being bullied on school grounds and missing school due to feeling unsafe.

Victims of dating abuse are also more likely to experience depression and anxiety, and to consider suicide, than their non-abused peers.

'' Paris Sean Germain admitted the original tweet had almost blown his mind until he realised that he is 20 and was not born in 2005.

Ianr0611 was one of the savvy followers who picked up on the fact that Sandashagger was probably having a laugh at everyone's expense. More than one-third of 10th-graders (35 percent) have been physically or verbally abused by dating partners, while a similar percentage are perpetrators of such abuse.

Investigators at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center found that HHV-6B is the first DNA virus to reactivate at a median of 3 weeks, compared to CMV, EBV and Adenovirus at 5-6 weeks.… continue reading »

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For more on this subject, see the video Bones in Stones i. Ogden III, "Annals of the New York Academy of Science," 288 (1977): 167-173. … continue reading »

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