Updating the device driver for your video card

27-May-2018 04:22

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Windows 10 Home users can disable it by creating a 32Bit DWORD called We’ve added an option that will now allow you to decide whether or not to include driver updates when you update Windows.

This capability will be available on Professional, Education, and Enterprise editions of Windows. This was essentially a premptive "I want to give a bounty to an excellent answer" bounty.

Time Required: It usually takes around 15 minutes to update a driver a Windows, even less time if the driver is self-installable or you get it via Windows Update (more on all of that below).

Follow the easy steps below to update drivers in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP: Optional Walkthrough: If you'd like to follow the process below, but with more details and screenshots for each step, use our Step by Step Guide to Updating Drivers in Windows instead.

In most cases, driver software comes with Windows or can be found by going to Windows Update in Control Panel and checking for updates.

If Windows doesn't have the driver you need, you can find it on the disc that came with the hardware or device you want to use, or on the manufacturer's website.

If it's possible to unclouple drivers by changing the hardware settings in System properties, that might be more convenient.

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Updating drivers is also a great troubleshooting step when the device is having some kind of problem or is generating an error, like a Device Manager error code. Is there any way to stop Windows 10 from updating it again?Your previous answer was deleted for being a link only answer, in my opinion, correctly. Sadly most of them behave like a bull in a china shop.I kind of posted this more so there that there's a reference than anything else.

Looks like Crixillian's link only answer covers the same ground anyhow.When you click on the download link, you will be prompted to open or save wushowhide.diagcab.

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